Intuitive Guide and Energy Medium

includes energy clearing, balancing and alignment

I can offer you the insight, clearing and support you need to remove obstacles and barriers to change so you may move forward in a better and new way.

Your Way.

As a committed believer in synchronicity and in our ability to attract who and what we need, our challenge is in having the clarity and awareness to recognise a solution when it is often right before our eyes. If we have eyes to see.

Many times, the solution does not meet our expectations of how it should look, so we miss it.

By asking the right questions, I can help you to ‘really see’ the problem and then, together we can clarify your options.

This is an organic process that can be filled with epiphanies, lightness and ease. Ah ha moments. When you can clearly see and identify the problem, the path forward also becomes clear.

You can find me on 

Brenda Minifie@brendaminifie

Brenda thank you so much for the detailed and indepth reading of my chart. I needed to walk on the earth and ground it as was blown away.It has helped me to understand my life, the gifts and experiences in such a different way.I feel so encouraged and supported to open up  new directions for my life and unfolding future.I have delighted in sharing your contact details with friends.  Thank you again. Deb

Absolutely amazing Brenda. I love the way you break down the explanation and guide us into understanding Astrology and how to use our charts for our highest benefit!  K.


I regularly make phone appointments when I feel lost, unsettled and confused. Brenda's insight always clarifies my path and I can move forward again with a clear and positive approach. I am so blessed to have found Brenda at a time in my life when I really needed it. Brenda has helped me so much. Thank you.

I recently had a healing session with Brenda. Feeling great, free of fear and pain from the past. Recommend a healing with Brenda if you want to rid yourself of whatever it is that holds you back.
Linda H.
Brenda’s amazing insight has pointed me in a most unexpected direction, helped me heal parts of past I wasn't even aware of and given me encouragement to go forward with courage and conviction on my path. Very thankful to have found Brenda's supportive guidance.
Julia Anais
"Thank you so much Brenda for the wonderful outlook you have given me. I feel blessed to have found you just at the right moment."
“It is the opportunity to get one-on-one dynamic support to move forward in your life in the way you actually want to – whatever that is! It helped me to clarify how I want to move forward. It helped me to clear uncertainty and commit to a path forward. Genuine and engaging facilitator, supportive group culture created by facilitator.”

Just email to organise a consultation. For phone, online and local in person sessions