These are times of massive change and can be challenging and at times, leave you with no ground to stand on and nothing solid to hold onto.
Many things that used to work for you do not anymore.
So – what now?

DO YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER – strong, positive, clear, calm and balanced?

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MOVE FORWARD -especially when our references for ‘ahead’ are no longer clear?

DO YOU WANT TO FEEL THAT YOU ARE ON YOUR RIGHTFUL PATH? You can know when you are – you have energy and feel inspired and love what you are doing and being.  


I work as one with Source – energy of pure, unconditional love and the highest aspect of light.

For many years now, I have worked with Intent, as one of the most powerful tools in the creation and manifestation of changes and your reality.
The energy and guidance I can offer, through me, can ease your way and help to relieve fear, anxiety and distress.

I work by clearing and releasing energetic blocks that are preventing you from being in a state of balance and clarity so you can move forward.

YOU DO know what you need and sometimes it is difficult to connect with that inner knowing because of the stories you have running about what is real and what is not and what is ok and acceptable and what is not. Your stories are not who you are. They are just stories.

I can help by reconnecting you to Source, higher self or whatever words or names you use. All is one. You are not separate from all that is. When you experience and are present in oneness, you know who you are.
We can drop the endless activity and constant DOING .and start to create through BEING.

Clearing and Guidance sessions

I am offering single sessions and if you would like to receive ongoing support, mentoring and guidance with Spiritual/Psychic Development, I am also offering  3 and  5 Session packages.

Phone, WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype

Audio Courses coming soon

  • To establish, clear and deepen your connection to Source and yourself.

  • To develop your own inner guidance and knowing: Intuition

  • To assist you to start living from the High Heart rather than being caught in mind master.

  • To create from a place of pure Being rather than fear or desperation.

  • To assist you to move from the old ways of living to a higher vibrational frequency of this new planetary energy.

"I have worked with Brenda on several occasions. She holds safe and sacred space for powerful healing and transformation. Each time I have worked with Brenda I have experienced profound shifts in my being."
"I just wanted to say thanks again for the healing you did for me. I have noticed more and more as each day passes that I feel better about myself. I now have this inner confidence that I’ve never felt before. It’s hard to describe but things that would’ve normally stressed me and made me feel anxious I now feel nothing negative and am able to plan out calmly how I’m going to tackle them. It’s changed my life. Also you asked me during the session if my daughter was pregnant, I said No and you said ”she will be soon.” She called me last Tuesday and told me she was! Not planned and they were using protection. When *** can leave *** and come up here she’ll be booking in to see you. Thanks again."
"I was excited and driven to make the changes needed in my life to make the most of the “Life Experience” from the in- depth information passed on to me from my Natal Chart reading."

Are you ready to live a better way, a new way, YOUR way?

You are just a click away!