4 Excellent reasons to go and see an energy healer

Why on earth would you go to an Energy Healer for help?

Aren’t they unscientific, deluded and off the planet? And Hippy flower freaks.

Seriously – scoff – Why would you bother. It’s a load of *!*&! You can’t possibly take them seriously.

First reason.

So, you’ve had this problem for ages and you have been to see umpteen ‘experts’; spent thousands in the process; you have researched how to change or fix this problem and you have tried absolutely everything.


Second reason.

You’re desperate and after trying all of the above, you are only now willing to try anything to change whatever it is you can’t change for yourself that has been a source of frustration.

Third reason.

You’re just really tired and don’t care anymore. What have you got to lose? Nothing now. You are so worn down by this seemingly impossible situation that nobody knows how to help with it, so what the hell. Nothing left to lose.

Fouth reason.

The Energetic Practitioner can practice deep listening with you and hear what you are saying and what you are not saying. When the practitioner is connected within oneness and Source (or whatever word you use) then we are communing with your heart/ soul and we can bring you into an understanding of and a deep connection within this for yourself .

When you are open to receiving assistance that falls outside the limits of what you have previously believed to be beyond your scope of credibility, then you can accept and allow the releasing, clearing and shifts that you need.

How does your mind know what your soul needs? Energy Healing takes you into your heart, your truth and away from the stories you mentally live within that are based on what you have previously experienced.

To go beyond these, a little heart goes a long way.

That’s why you would go to an Energy Healer for help.

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