from Mind to heart- from Noise to stillness

More information ultimately does not change anything because it is of the mind and it can keep us stuck and brings our vibration and energy down.

We are in information overwhelm right now with Mars in Gemini which is of the mind. In balance – a good thing, but at the moment we have information flying at us from all directions – especially online. This information is correct or not. Censored or not. Fake news or not. True or false. Data breaches – ow. Deceptive information, hidden information.

If you are sensitive, you will know that everything is speeding up to a crazy pace and your nervous system will be taking a hit. Magnesium is the go to but much more is needed to attempt to balance with the increase in vibrational frequencies.

  • The Earth’s magnetic field is rapidly getting weaker, and geophysicists don’t know why. The decrease in strength–a startling 10% in the last 160 years—and now apparently 20% means we are receiving more solar and Galactic energies. It could be magnetic flip but no one knows. More electrical energy and less magnetic energy means stress.
  • The Sun is in a solar minimum cycle and high intensity solar flares(CMEs) are being directed at our planet.
  • Rare Astrological transits from the Outer planets bringing Global change of the highest order
  • Schumann resonance (the vibrational frequency of the Earth measured in hertz) is undergoing huge spikes.

There is much fear and anger as people react to these shifts and massive societal changes.  A bush walk, a beach walk, in nature – these are here for our replenishment and reconnection with ourselves.

I work with Energy for Healing, for Guidance, for clearing and balancing and to assist to realign you to your truth – your integrity, your essence. Who you are when no one is looking.

Energy healing is of the heart and assists you to be in your centre and your truth.

When we experience a lack of clarity it is because we are in the mind and the mind can only go over and over stories and that which has already been experienced.

The heart is our deep connection to source, to oneness. To peace, stillness, silence and beauty.

No chatter just Being. We all need this space of reprieve so much, especially now.

Allow me to guide you to this space of the heart and expansion of your true being which is only Love.