Heartmind as multi dimensional consciousness



Artwork@Fulton Hobbs

When you start to realise that transformation isn’t an adornment to your existing life, but its complete unravelling, everything changes. (Hare in the Moon)

There is a myth that has been around for some time that when Magellan’s (a Portuguese explorer who sailed to the East Indies) ships first appeared on the horizon, the East Indians, having never seen a tall ship, not only didn’t recognize them, they were so far out of their world view that they didn’t even see them.

Multi-dimensional realities exist, but when our minds are resistant to accepting them, due to experiences of these dimensions not being part of our lived reality to date, we deny them.

So we remain stuck within the confines of belief that is based on past experiences and hence, resistant to expanding our consciousness beyond that which we already know.

The veils beyond our physical 3D dimension and the many other dimensions have greatly thinned and we are being offered the opportunity to open to multi dimensions/universes. With ease now.

When we experience mind/consciousness expansion, we can simultaneously feel fear and wonder.

It can feel like we are cracking up. Breaking down and losing the illusion of control. Our beliefs are being shown to be limited to what we believe we can control- this is fear based. When we are threatened with loss of control, we are motivated, by fear, to do everything we can to maintain the illusion that all is within our control. But sooner or later, we realise that we are fighting a losing battle. The Ego will want to win at all costs.

You know the part of yourself that has everything organised within mental structures that is compelled to make and confine  great, infinite, unknown Universal truths into  small concepts so the mind can identify with it.

*What if- instead of instinctively choosing fear- we decided to choose to allow the expansion of our consciousness, willingly, without conditions?

*What if everything we had believed up to this point, is wrong?

*What if we just don’t know? This is the place of opening.

I loved THE MATRIX and perceived it to be a story about our concept of reality and how we had succumbed to an illusion- a false reality. I found out, only last week that THE MATRIX is about Trans sexuality. For years, I had held a completely different understanding and then new information changed it all. It changed things.

it is just a story as our beliefs are stories.

*Let’s be open to the multidimensional Universes that are inviting us to experience them – now.

*Let’s allow ourselves, with willingness and openness to experience Truth. Not as we have known it, but from the higher mind, the expanded conscious mind, that is able to incorporate it into our new reality.

How can we, as humankind move forward and create a better world, if we are limited to our mental constructs of the world ‘as it has always been”, as it should be and how we arrogantly want it to be in order for our reality to stay the same and offer it’s false security.

From personal mind to Universal mind : Heart based Consciousness.