I’m so unpopular on Social media

Image by Arek Socha, Pixabay

I’m so unpopular on Social Media and I don’t care- I’m gonna keep posting anyway!

I’m talking about the dinasour of facebook mainly, although sometimes I’ll get one like.  That’s cool. It makes me feel a little smug.

The problem with facebook was that I said what I really thought and my friends just faded into oblivion. I wasn’t angry, rude or patronising, but seriously, why can’t people see the bleedingly obvious? I’ve probably been blocked.

If you look at my two facebook pages you will see that I am almost obsequious.

I guess my sense of self-worth must be ok though, because I just keep posting. I see it as building a profile, which I have, in actual fact, been doing since 2014. Never give up.

Me, myself, I would like to read my feeds. I think I’m interesting but it’s true, I don’t have a lightning fast wit nor an encyclopedic eloquence. Nor do I want to have because I much prefer to tell it like it is in plain, simple and direct language. I much prefer to connect emotionally with people, especially all those other aspiring writers who are as unpopular as I am. You feel it, I know you do.

Twitter is another beast entirely. I have recently signed up and have commented on a few posts and have had some appreciation from some like minded souls and some not so likeminded souls spewing outright rancid vitreole that I wisely chose not to respond to. It seems like Twitter can be, I emphasise can be a veritable pit of vipers.

It was really quite unexpected. I don’t normally associate with people at that decidedly unpleasant level of nasty.

Oh and then there’s Instagram. A little innocuous. I have become reasonably skilled at posting images, which I quite enjoy, but I got a little slack with the hashtags. It was tedious and I thought I’d go organic. I shall say no more.

So, now I’ve signed up for Substack because I do love to write- just for the sake of it. I have things to say and I really want to be heard and read but not cruelly cut down or annihilated. Substack seems so much more civilised.  But I feel pressure, because now I have to send out regular newsletters. Shit.

I thought I would have a go at earning some income online and well, we know how that goes. Apparently you need to be a professional marketer.

So, I guess it’s back to the book. You know the one. The one I am writing but have not come up with one solid disruptive idea for 3 months.

In 2012 I self-published a book on Amazon. Well- someone else published it but he did such a terrible job that I always say I self- published. Oh God- the editing! Anyway, I just let it do what it would and I actually received one 5 star review from a Russian gentleman who was most complimentary and compared me to a Russian Spiritual teacher whom I had never of. That felt good.

So, in ending I would offer the overused immortal quote of Winston Churchill. “Never give in.”

And I won’t because come hell or high water, I will find my platform.