NEPTUNE Truth and Illusion

Image: Pepper Keen Lewis

I have lived the New Age Spiritual path since the late 1990s. I have been inside it, outside it, around it and within it.

I am now an Energy Practitioner working with healing, clearing, alignment and balancing.

As we head more deeply into a collective transformation amidst sometimes stressful times, I am compelled to speak out about the Spiritual New Age myths that have greatly increased during the Neptune in Pisces years which began in April 2011 and more recently over the last 3 years or so.

The goal to be more perfect, more spiritual, more advanced has been presented as the ticket to a superior existence and to those somehow being worthy of being saved. We are ascending but many will not.  Yes, there is much about assisting others but this is often presented as the helper being superior and more advanced in evolution than those compelled to doom in the 3D Reality.

This is the equivalent of A) a religious myth where the more pious and religiously loving one is, then they will be saved from the looming armegeddon of loss, illness, death and misfortune.

And B) the wounded child, who as an adult is leaving the body during meditation into the head and above higher centres, in order to avoid feeling the emotion that their body has been holding since, or/and before childhood. They can then have astral or spiritual experiences due to a raise in vibration due to the practice.

A note here that most of us have indeed experienced woundings in our lives.

The Helper archetype is often someone with unresolved suffering and is able to avoid confronting themselves during their service to others. I must add that this can also be a necessary stage on the path to healing and a sincere commitment to purpose.

This is a normal spiritual pathway but it seems the depth of experience and understanding has become perverted within the online marketing of Spirituality.

I see many using these practices to feel special, chosen and to avoid feeling fear, pain, uncertainty, anger, rage and other emotions that we bury in our pretence of being oh so spiritual.

I am seeing this evolve on Social media and be marketed, by some, from spiritual ego and money as the prime motivations. This is not spiritual. This is Neptunian glamour, illusion, delusion(self), avoidance and deception designed to profit the business that is selling.

Government approved funding is now available for spiritual businesses because they are now accepted as profit making. Unfortunately in this situation, the profit takes precedence over the level of genuine growth and attainment reached by the person or people involved.

Now, the head trips and to some level, plagiarism, do need to be called out. I used to believe that people are called to the right practitioner for them but now I am seeing that much harm can be caused when someone is seeing a practitioner who does not have a full understanding of what they are offering due to a lack of experience, skilled training and experience. 

We are now called upon to embody the qualities that we are emerging with now. The love within, the light and ourselves as one with Source. When there is oneness there is no separation.  

Our bodies, mind and heart combined are now becoming direct channels for intuition, knowing and understanding and being who we are and who we have become. We are living this.

This is not a story, It is not of the mind.  This is always pure love. It is not only of the heart. If we have done the inner work we are becoming like acupuncture needles where our bodies are the willing vehicles to assist who knows who for who knows what. There is no need to know. By inner work I mean purity of motivation.

Our very beings, all aspects of this, be they spiritual, emotional, mental and physical are called upon to embody pure love and to be that. I am that I am.

We are all still doing this inner work but the way to healing is so very different as now, today, Intent manifests immediately. Consequently, clarity of true intent is vital as is choice.

 It is so important to resist the hype, the saviour myths and the being saved stories and just to be fully present with what is. What is Now. Today. In this moment. And it is also essential to live in your own integrity.

In the Spiritual realms, how much of your experiences are real and how much of them are created by the mind, which is fearful of what it cannot control. Our minds can play trickster with us if we cannot differentiate between what is intuitive knowing and what is wishful thinking of the mind.

How much of our power do we give away to external sources of apparent truth and knowing because it suits our needs to believe in certain stories?

If we pay lip service to “All is One”, “We are not separate” and we acknowledge Unity, are we not buying the myths that Source exists outside of self in other Galaxies, Universes or sacred Physical places?

 If we are one with Source and not separate from Source, then we are source. We must realize and acknowledge that Source – the source of all life force is within us.

I am That.

By believing that our true source and power is light years away, or an energy greater than us, we are giving our power, our own lifeforce away to something that is not us.

There is no need to reclaim your power as you are the only one who perceives your source to be something other than you. What is required is to allow yourself to reveal the highest truth of who you are to yourself. To know yourself.

And if that is not empowering, I ask, “What is?”