The Spiritual Bandwagon


The Spiritual Bandwagon

If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.

In these times when nothing is certain and our future is unknown there has been a marked shift away from genuine Esoteric and spiritual knowledge and experience to solid tangible therapies that are perceived as able to “fix it”. By fixing it, I mean they can offer an often temporary fix that support people back into the seemingly apparent security, comfort, safety and certainty that we have been living in for the last 50 or so years.

 I say apparent, because our sense of safety was based on what we thought we knew and what we could control. And we now know that we, as the people, do not really know truth as much is hidden from us. And in 2022 we could rightly label much of this as conscious  deception.

We are all flying blind and we have the blind leading the blind everywhere we look.

Genuine spiritual and esoteric knowledge is not found on Tik Tok, Twitter, facebook or Instagram. If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.

Plagirism is rife.  Centuries of knowledge that has come through deep personal transformational experiences and years of daily practices cannot be offered through “I will tell you how to manifest using only 8 words.” There are formulaic advertisements throughout Social media selling at you and now and everybody is a healer, a Life Coach, a shaman.

Enlightenment and higher awareness is sold as instant. Pay me and you can have it. The name of the game is making money justified by a large dose of delusional self- aggrandisement. Unfortunately, this mental belief was developed from the Personal Development Business from the 1980s where self worth and self acceptance was based on how successful and wealthy you were or could become.

If you were not perfect then you need to be fixed. There was something wrong with you. And it was YOU because you are responsible for creating everything that comes into your life. A lofty and in many cases unattainable goal was the carrot from the stick of thought leaders of these times wanting bigger audiences and shares of the takings commensurate with their placement as speakers in Combined Mega Seminars.

Conferences, Seminars and workshops that cost thousands of dollars for a weekend (Not all but many facilitators and organisations) and were sold manipulatively to prospective attendees by relating attendance to self worth and outrageous promises of success and wealth. “Are you worth it?” Go and borrow the money…….”

Hell- I was naive and I fell for it as did many others. And for a time, I sold it also. I bought into the whole Carnival, hook, line and sinker. I must emphasise here that there was also much genuine knowledge imparted and some of those responsible for this, are experiencing  earned and respected high profiles today.

Eastern traditions were brought to the west and offering much growth value, but due to cultural differences, their profound knowledge was much misunderstood and interpreted on a superficial level that has now contributed to the superficiality that we see today throughout Social media.

I recently saw a Twitter post from someone who had read a book- similar to the Bhagavad Gita – a 700 verse Hindu scripture, part of the epic Mahabharata, dated to the second half of the first millenium BC (Quote: Vyasa)- and was smugly boasting that she had read this great tome and could summarise it in a sentence per chapter. So, no one needed to read the book.

I think this says it all. I am saddened that our civilisation has come to this:

As deep as a puddle, as intelligent too.

Everybody wants an instant FIX.  There is no such thing and if this is what you are promised, then a little discernment goes a long way. Governments are now financially supporting pretty much anybody to create a “business” using the spiritual to make money and teaching people how to market to make a helluva lot more. Which is fantastic if you have the background and disturbing for those of us looking on, who can cut through the BS.

There is an old justification for this that as a Practitioner/ Teacher you will attract those who need the experience that you can offer them. Does that justify the harm that can be caused?

I am not religious at all, Mystical and devotional, yes, but intentionally not aligned to any belief system per se and if I have any leanings in this direction, they would be towards Tibetan Buddhism. A quote (my intentional mis-quote)from the Bible is one that leaps to mind.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

If this is where we are heading then, again, heaven help us!

The dictionary meaning of Spiritual: relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

The quick fix it is not.

The part of me that loves Astrology is hopeful that when Pluto enters Aquarius and Saturn goes into Pisces in March 2023, that this will change, but I realise that it could go completely the other way and for centuries.

There is a consensus among some modern day seers and Astrologers that from now in December 2022, we are in for around another 5 years of increasingly more difficult times but that this will change around 2027/28.

We cannot know the future as we are creating it in this moment. Hence my concern.

My only hope is that the arrogance and ignorance that is so prevalent due to the opportunity for anyone to promise anything on social media, will be challenged and exposed as illusion and delusion.