Community rescuing Community

Community rescuing Community.

Is this now our way forward?


The Pisces new Moon is, on the East Coast of Australia at 4.34am NSW time  on 3rd March 2022 (5.43am Qld time) and the Astrological predictions have proved to be correct.

Oceanic flooding was identified as one of the outcomes months and even years ago.

Beginning on Tuesday night, 22 February, a weather pattern began on the South East Queensland Coast from Bundaberg south and is still happening, further south, as Climate Change on steroids brought and continues to bring torrential and catastrophic, flooding rain.

Floods in Australia are common, but nothing like this. It happened so quickly and even caught the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) unaware.  The forecasts were not accurate due to the everchanging weather system. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, was at work here as clarity of predictability was not possible through normal Government and many established weather channels. Neptune brings confusion and uncertainty. Also fear and loss.

Everywhere flooded. Extremely. Jupiter, the planet of excess and too much of a good thing, sits on the Pisces new moon. The worst, overwhelming flooding we have known. Nessus is also there and is essentially saying,   exposure of what no longer works, through trauma-“change it now.”

One week later in Queensland, the supermarket shelves look like this because all the roads have been flooded and closed.

In Lismore in the Northern Rivers of NSW, a town very used to floods – it was indeed catastrophic.

A local man being interviewed was stunned at the 360 degree view all around him from his home up high and called his panorama of water views “oceanic.” Neptune, ruler of the Ocean and Pisces, as a mythological God was known for his fury through storms and flooding.

But the most uplifting, inspirational and highest form of an expression of shared humanity rose above these waters of Neptune.

In Lismore, the flooding was too much for the Emergency Services so locals with boats were asked to help. Tiny tinnies, people who lost their own homes were saving the lives of others as many people were rescued from rooftops by helicopters. The weather and floodwaters were dangerous for all, helicopters and boats to be in.

In Australia, in emergency, community steps up and they did so here, in a heart warming and incredibly uplifting way. Unknown and unsung heroes all.

My nephew in Northern NSW protected his own home and before the extreme rain fell walked up the flooded street to check on his neighbours and those he did not know, thinking safety for older people, those in low lying already flooded homes and clean water and barbeque for those who would lose power.

My friend in Noosaville was up at 5.30 am clearing the street of palm fronds, leaves and branches that would clog up the drains, in an attempt to prevent flooding. For Noosaville it was not quite enough.

And there are stories of so many thousands of others that I do not have personal experience of. This was an experience of true humanity at work. Just because that is what you do if you can. When our hearts are open we live for others as well as ourselves.

 Neptune is Pisces is, among many things, Oneness, unconditional love and sacrifice for others.

And a huge shout out to the Community weather alert website and facebook page of Jeff Higgins. Higgins Storm Chasing. He was giving out all the information that people in the Community needed and his weather predictions were also accurate. Yes- dramatic, but the situation called for dramatic and urgent response.  He gave us the information we sought and needed.

When the worst happens it brings out the best in us. We are incredibly fortunate to be living in a first world country and had this happened, as it already is happening in other less fortunate countries, the death tolls and losses would have been far, far greater.

If this is Climate Change on steroids, if this is our future, then Community is the way forward. And that is something to look forward to.

Post Script 5.3.22

A huge shout out to the people of Mullumbimby in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Mullumbimby has the highest number of non vaccinated people in Australia and have been highly criticised for this.

Due to their vaccination status many people who were volunteers and paid staff in the local Emergency Services were let go.

However, Mullumbimby is a shining example of Community acting where there is little Government assistance if any in this area.

As a result of their experience and expertise in organising responses to Emergencies, Mullum now has a hugely efficient and professional organisation of relief and support, including rescuing local people. The Mullumbimby Army.

An exceptional example of Community prioritising people and life. 

And Lismore – the entire Northern Rivers. A question needs to be asked – Why have these areas not received the help they so badly need?