Paradigm Shift is NOW


Who are we when we are under stress?

Who are we when no one is looking?

Who are we when we are fearful and feeling out of control?

Who are we when there is a crack that appears and reveals the deeper truth of our beings. When our experiences lead us to fear crisis and we react by losing the control that many have spent a lifetime building up to hide behind ?

I am always inspired to read uplifting stories about how communities pull together and how positive and reliant people are after extreme events. Either crises of nature or shocks created by the actions of human beings can trigger profound reactions that create cracks in our armour and from which our deepest most buried and often disowned emotions can uncontrollably arise.

These are spontaneous and beyond our normal controlling mechanisms.

Sometimes, when there is grief and trauma, there can be an immense collective outpouring of grief and compassion and a new connectedness, a unity within a community as a consequence.

At other times, when fear and ongoing fear of the future are prevalent, the chasms of release can be either of shared loss and comfort as well as feelings of rage and outrage, blame and division. And as we have seen on social media over the past 2 years, when these are the dominant emotions, people can begin to form into groups which support their perspective and attack others who share a different understanding.

Maybe I am naive, but I certainly did not expect to witness the latter in the small town I am living in after a series of 4 weather events caused flooding and destruction of many local roads which threatened to isolate the town.

I must say that I am grateful to have been able to observe this happening as it given me a much more realistic understanding of what may come as we move more deeply into the early stage destroyer aspect of the transformation of our world.

During the pandemic, we saw what happened when individual, primal fear is the predominant emotion and develops, or is moulded into a collective mindset and for some, this will be the future path.

I guess, we don’t all have a choice and many will react unconsciously to the changes that will be coming in for us causing anger and division due to differing levels of self awareness.

I hope that those of us who are aware of the paradigm shift process of breaking down to recreate, will be able to hold in compassion for those who cannot see this and maybe even be of assistance, support and guidance to those who will need it.

Remembering that anger, rage and blame can be expressions of fear. We need to be on our guard to ensure that these group emotions will never again be whipped up to the detriment of a better future for all.

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