2020 Reboot to Upgrade

In 2019, I put lots of inspired, creative energy into putting together a 38 page mobile friendly, motivational book for unemployed people, that I was going to give away for free. I figured that at that time, if you were unemployed, you could not afford to buy it – but you needed it.

I had received approval from a respected Australian Journalist to include an excellent quote from one of her articles due to its relevance at that time (mid 2019) as a forward for this book. I was waiting for the right time to put it out there, when along came the Virus.

There was no way I could proceed because I believe it would be patronising to offer this motivational information, not to mention insulting. People who are now unemployed through no fault of their own need much, much more than empowerment and motivational training.

So, I am now free to offer excerpts from it in a completely different context.

(Some people are doing really well just now and some are not. This is for those who are not.


We are not going back to normal.  Normal is gone. Even more than we are imagining.

Think Computer virus. Your laptop or your phone, or even worse, your Company Intranet completely seizes up, your whole network crashes and valuable information disappears into cyberspace. Sometimes – for good. Did I mention the back-up oversight?

So – back to square one or time for a total upgrade? Oops – Square one doesn’t exist anymore.

The box has gone and this is a big deal.

We really need a Superhero’s Guide to multi dimensional creative thinking.
Not just a revamp or more of the same – e.g.  More success, more money, more competition, more achievement, more clients, higher prices – try harder, do more, ad infintum.


We now have a rare opportunity to choose differently. This door will not remain open for long so we need to act before we miss it.
Which reality are you going to choose? – More of the same by patching up the old ways or are you going to hit delete and ask the questions? 

Do I keep bashing my head against a brick wall and try and smash through?

What do I do now?

Where do I go from here?

If there is no coming back to what I had before – how do I reinvent myself?

How do I create something to support myself and take me forward into an unknown future?

How can I change the way I am thinking to open my mind to new ways of thinking?


“I think a Hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure despite overwhelming obstacles.”


For a very long time our society has lived according to a value system that places success, wealth, achievement, hard work and recognition of outer accomplishments as the prizes to be attained and revered. If we didn’t get there, we lived with a subtle inner gnawing of failure and not being good enough. Our priorities were wrong. Material acquisition is not the be all and end all, especially now when we see many results of those priorities slipping through our fingers.

The bar has shifted. How is your inner life? How is your sense of self?

Are you ok when your role has gone?  Are you comfortable just being you and not what you have been and identified as? How many times have you been asked in social occasions by someone you don’t know, as a conversation starter “What do you do?” Then you have watched as the questioner makes a value judgement based on the two or three words you spoke. Did they reflect your self- value back to you?

When was the last time you were just you and were completely open and honest about who you really are – at a heart and soul level? You don’t need to be anyone or anything, just you.

 Have you been able to be completely honest with yourself about what is truly meaningful or do you need a crisis, such as Covid, to break free of expectations and demands from yourself and others? If you do, it is here, with bells on.

How do you know when to let go and move on or to keep going?


But know when Surrender is a part of the process. And especially now, acceptance of the loss of our lives as they were, is part of starting again.

Thinking it through doesn’t work as your mind will make a decision based on what your mind knows from past experience.

Do you know how to listen to that still, deep, quiet voice within that does know and often disagrees with what you want, so you ignore it?

Do you know how to notice a feeling in your body that knows? Do you know how to discern those feelings, for instance of anxiety?

When is anxiety a true inner guide? When is it letting you know that you are ignoring an emotion that is asking for acknowledgement? When is it trying to get your attention because you know your action goes against your better judgement but you are going to forge ahead anyway? When is it warning you that your nervous system is burning out or your adrenals are in overload? When is it fear of an unknown future?

Do you know how to not only ask yourself these questions, but do you know how to hear or recognise the answer?

This really important. Deep listening. Not to your mind but to the very essence of your being. Your direction and pathway forward will come from this place. This is your inner compass.

Is this really the time to be listening to advice from apparent authorities? Nobody knows what comes next and we are all doing the best we can. It is time to trust yourself. Or wait. When we don’t know what to do and if you cannot yet see ahead for yourself – wait for a path to appear. If you are open and alert to this – it will appear but we may be required to be patient. True change may arrive as an epiphany but mostly, it takes time.

You really DO know what is right for you, but you may not want to hear the answer because it does not meet your expectations of what you think the answer should be.

Start with asking yourself simple Yes or No questions.

Sit quietly, breathe, just focus on your breath until you feel a calmness and then ask your questions. You will know when your answer is true and correct for you. It will emerge from within you before you have even finished asking. The solar plexus is our gut instinct. You really do know.

If you stop and think and try – your mind is interfering. Your rightful answer will come before you have finished asking your question. You just know it. And you will hear it when you allow yourself to hear truth.



Until you can go deeply within and hear, feel, see and know your truth, you cannot raise up into your own multi-dimensional creativity, because it does not come from the outside, but from within. You already know everything that you need to know. And when you are able to align with your own knowing, your own intuition and higher or deeper guidance, you will not be reliant on someone else to tell you or show you how to move forward. Trust yourself especially in these times of the unknown. Prioritise your needs and go from there. Your most simple, essential heart needs of your own source nature.


We are limited by our thinking. By our mental minds.
Try your inner or higher mind because when you connect with the part of you that knows and sees the bigger picture and does not need any outer trappings of who you believe your are, then there are no limits. You are free to express the truth of who you are and to move forward on YOUR path.

None of us are here in this time by accident.

Which reality will you choose? The one ruled by fear of the one of trust and truth?

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