CORONAVIRUS. Opportunity came knocking…

CORONAVIRUS – Opportunity came knocking.

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Well, actually, it smashed down the door.
  • What were you doing in 2013?

Can you bring it back in now?  Do you want to? Was in unfinished or unresolved?

  • What were you doing in 2001/2002?

Any similarities? Are you noticing a revisit?

  • What did you during the lockdown, or if you are still or again in lockdown, what are you doing now?

You would have been fortunate to be able to, in some way, respond to the global and Universal invitation to be still, to rest and to be present within yourself. If you were not able to do this, you would still have experienced a massive disrupture within your thinking, feeling and physical ways of being.

For those of you, whose lives came to a grinding halt and experienced losses, it would have been a time for letting go of your life as you knew it. It would have been a time for grief and for emptying out.

This may still be happening for you.

But here is the good news.

When we let go of something we create a space for something new to come in.

This time has been and is offering us – all over our planet- the most profound and rare opportunity to reboot and recreate ourselves as we have, within our hearts and souls, always wanted to be.

For those of you who were not able to stop and worked through, the world owes immense gratitude to you, as you have carried the rest of us and provided support that was and is so badly needed.

This time is a gift that invites us to:

  • Re-boot
  • Re-assess
  • Re-prioritise
  • Re-evaluate
  • Re-orient
  • Re-search
  • Re-member who we really are and possibly, even why we are here, now.
  • And to Re-create who we are and our world – anew.

Our new and better, inclusive, kinder and compassionate world starts with each one of us. A world that is based on caring for all others, regardless of differences. Where our respect for our differences create a richer tapestry of wholeness, mutual respect and cooperation.

We are not separate from the whole. We are not As one. We are one. Our world is one massive living organism/Being and we are one with this. As the world suffers during this Transformation to something much greater than this – we suffer. As we personally recognise and embody our expanding conscious awareness that we are not separate – so too do others on the Earth.

As our values become more focused on Other, so do the global values transform.

As we each let go and embody our true selves – our essential nature and our purpose for being here – we each lift the global vibration, just a little, out of pain, fear and anger and rage (Growing pains) to a frequency of hope, light, optimism, compassion and concern for our fellow beings on this earth and our Earth itself.

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As we recreate ourselves, we are recreating our world and inviting in a better world for all.

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