Creating through being – not doing.


If only we can shift our focus away from externals. That is the chaos of disruption and collapse of life as we have known it and sit within ourselves we can come to a place of authenticity, truth and integrity. Integrity within ourselves, due to not needing to or even being able to meet the requirements of anyone or anything external.

We are creating our own lives by being present, still and acknowledging who we are. Without the distortion created by constant comparisons with what we should be or could be or whether we are greater or lesser than.

When we focus on the externals now, we get pulled into the drama and shock of this absolute transition.

When we create from being present and ground ourselves within ourselves – there is truth. There is a peace and there is a trust which replaces a fear of the future or the unknown. Creating from being means JUST BE. Just BE with what is and who you are. No judgements, no ok or not ok, good or bad, no opinions, just allowing, observing and being with what is.

Pulling out of the world drama is not uncaring. We care very much for the suffering and the injustices that we see and feel. But as we pull out and go within, we become more compassionate and loving as our ‘powerlessness’ becomes acceptance, patience and a new way of perceiving what is.

Creating from the essence of who you are is possible if we pull out of the madness. And not by meditations or practices to avoid current conditions but by meditations and practices, or none at all, to ground us in Being.

The old rules have gone.

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