“We are called to be the architects of the future – not it’s victims.”

“We are called to be the architects of the future – not it’s victims.”

- Buckminster Fuller

We are here, on this planet, at this time, to live our purpose for being here – both individually and collectively.

Have you noticed all the incredible people who have stepped up because they are the ones who can? And some of these people do so while endangering their lives. They are called the front lines which tells us there are many others to follow.

We are now experiencing and understanding that we are not separate, nor is one person any better or lesser than any other. Mo matter what colour, race, sexual orientation, financial situation or level of apparent importance in society, whatever differences exist, we really are facing our future “all in this together.”

Life may feel chaotic but there is deep order to the apparent chaos.

We are experiencing a global pandemic and concurrently an epochal shift for our entire planet and human civilisation. Is everything becoming out of control? Absolutely. Who said that was a bad thing? It is an essential part of the process of deep change.

“Never fear chaos, because out of chaos, something new is always born.”

- Pema Chodron

We can choose to be at the effect of – in reaction, or we can make other choices. We always have a choice.

We can choose to be present.

  • To still our activity and our busyness
  • To listen – deeply
  • To watch and become our observer self without emotionally engaging
  • To become aware of a much bigger picture than we could have ever comprehended, let alone contemplated.
  • To view chaos, disorder, disintegration and dissolution from a higher perspective.
  • To allow the world as it is, to be as it is without judgement or fear or anger or the need to be right.
  • To surrender to the loss of our sense of security which is always an illusion.

Buddhism teaches impermanence. Nothing stays the same, everything changes, lives and dies and lives and dies. All the while, never really dying but merely changing it’s form.

In 2020 we are living these teachings.

Who are we when everything is stripped away and there is no semblance of ego, sense of self, material and physical acquisitions, livelihoods, mental clarity or certainty?

Where do we stand where there is nowhere to stand?  We stand nowhere.

When we first confront absolute surrender and letting go of everything that we thought we ever were – we face the death of everything we believed was real and eternal.  And the fear is great. It is fear of death. Nothing less.

And when we have let go and allowed everything that has ever been solid to fall apart and away, we can be left with deep grief and we can be left with the most profound sense of relief, release and freedom.

Because, as real as it has all seemed – it was not our deepest truth.

We have relinquished control and admitted that Everything is unknown and beyond any futile attempts at control.

All our past beliefs about the nature of Reality and what is, have gone. Gone with the destruction of all we ever knew to be true.

Then the miracles begin – because at last, they can.

We have dropped all our pretences, all of our facades, all of our false pride and are absolutely present with what is.

What if many, many, many of us do this? We are left with our individual and group souls, our essence, our heart felt truths, our compassion and our highest visions for a future that we can create together. Not competitively but cooperatively.

We are now, yes, even now, able to connect and communicate with each other from a deeply honest and real place because we are allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Because we are vulnerable. And that is ok because it is real.

“We are all in this together “ is so very true. We are all facing a completely unknown future. All we know is that our lives will not be as they have been. And as we are present, together in our unashamed nakedness of presence, we await a new world that is as yet unborn and uncreated.

We always have a choice. We are the creators of our new world. So now, let’s please create something that is of benefit to all beings and our planet.  If we can envision it – we can create it. We are powerful so let’s all take great care with what we create.


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