What is energy healing and balancing?

Everyone asks this question and it is so difficult to answer until you have experienced it and then you just know.


Energy Healing complements and assists all conventional healing modalities and has profound positive effects.


It is healing at the spiritual level which assists in healing and balancing our emotions, our psyches and our bodies too, because everything is interconnected.

Essentially it is Energetic restoration. It is bringing back into alignment and balancing the lost or fragmented parts of our soul (and energy), removing energetic blocks or baggage from our beings and bodies- our energy fields.


It leaves us feeling lighter and brings us to our fullest and truest selves- who we already are but have loaded a lifetime of other people’s and our own beliefs and our own incorrect perceptions of ourselves and our lives, on top of our real selves.

This is why we attract negative, difficult or harmful circumstances because we are being clearly shown that these are not in harmony with our essential nature. But we can get stuck in the message and believe that the difficulties are the problem. All resolutions lie within ourselves. We can then change the way we respond to what is or is not of our making.


As a practitioner, I am able to create a clear space for higher energies of Source and your guides and your higher self to come through to assist you. The energy you receive is given through me – it is not mine. But the skills I have developed over the years enable this.


It is also a powerful vehicle for personal transformation.

I am able to tap into spiritual guidance – intuition or spirit, for your direction and healing. It can be very helpful in addressing challenges and resolving issues.


A session is an hour, and clients report that they feel much more focused and clear, more relaxed, calm and uplifted.


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